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Rilasciato Wireshark 3.0.7 Corrette vulnerabilità multiple




Wireshark 3.0.7 rilasciato con una serie di aggiornamenti di sicurezza e risolti diversi altri bug che risiedono nei componenti di Wireshark.

Wireshark ha anche aggiornato il supporto del protocollo per vari protocolli come BGP, HomePlug AV, IEEE 802.11 e TLS . Wireshark 3.0.7 risolto la vulnerabilità {CVE-2019-19553)) che risiede nel  CMS che ha interessato la versione da Wireshark da 3.0.0 a 3.0.6, da 2.6.0 a 2.6.12.

La nuova versione di Wireshark può essere scaricata da  qui .


  • ws_pipe_wait_for_pipe() can wait on closed handles. Bug 15696.
  • Support for 11ax in PEEKREMOTE. Bug 15740.
  • The temporary file …​ could not be opened: Invalid argument. Bug 15751.
  • Reassembling of the two TLS records is not working correctly. Bug 16109.
  • Display Filter Area: Dropdown Missing pkt_comment and tcp.options.sack_perm (likely others). Bug 16130.
  • Display Filter autocompletion should be disabled. Bug 16132.
  • BGP Linkstate IP Reachability information is incorrect. Bug 16144.
  • NGAP: ExpectedUEActivityBehaviour decode error. Bug 16145.
  • HomePlug AV dissector: MMTYPE and FMI fields are dissected incorrectly. Bug 16158.
  • JPEG files cannot be saved on Windows with french language. Bug 16165.
  • X11 –display interpreted as –display-filter which maps to -Y option. Bug 16167.
  • “Create new file automatically after” not working with extcap. Bug 16178.
  • Encrypted TLS alerts sometimes listed as decrypted. Bug 16180.
  • The “Remove Wireshark from the system path” package has “Add Wireshark to the system PATH” as its title. Bug 16200.
  • tshark -T ek -x causes get_field_data: code should not be reached. Bug 16218.
  • Crash on Go → Next/Previous Packet in Conversation when no packet is selected. Bug 16228.


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